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The Cheesman Park neighborhood’s borders are Downing Street, York Street, Colfax Avenue and 8th Avenue.



Cheesman Park is a urban park and neighborhood located in the City and County of Denver, Colorado.  The Cheesman Park neighborhood is one of the oldest in Denver, with city plats dating to as far back as 1868 and was annexed by the Denver in 1883, though development was slow at first. By 1915, with the completion of the park, the neighborhood was mostly developed with large mansions for some of the city's wealthiest people.  Since the 1930s however, the neighborhood has become denser with a plethora of apartment buildings.  The neighborhood of Cheesman Park is bordered north-south by Colfax and 8th Avenues, and east-west by Downing and Josephine Streets.

The neighborhood has a population density of more than 12,000 people per square mile, far exceeding Denver's average density of 3,600 people per square mile, due the many high-rise and mid-rise apartments and condominiums surrounding the park. However, the neighborhood contains not only modern, dense residential units; it also contains three of Denver's residential historic districts: Wyman’s, Morgan’s Addition, and Humboldt Island.

There are more renters than homeowners in the neighborhood; the area's apartments are a mix of newer and older apartment buildings, and conversions of older mansions into apartments. Only about a quarter of the neighborhood's residents live in owner-occupied units.