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Highland is a distinct city-center bounded by West 38th Avenue to the north, a Union Pacific Railroad line on the east, the South Platte River to the southeast, Speer Boulevard on the south, and Federal Boulevard on the west.



Highlands refers to two separate city-center neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado.  Highland, and West Highland are both in the area that is referred to as North Denver.  To distinguish between its immediately adjacent neighbor, West Highland, Highland is sometimes referred to as East Highland, Lower Highland or LoHi. The latter two names are mostly used by realtors.  The two together are casually called "the Highlands," a term which often encompasses other Northwest Denver neighborhoods such as Jefferson Park, Sunnyside, Berkeley, and LoHi.  To add further confusion, within the Highland neighborhood there are several historic designations of various degrees, including Potter Highlands, Scottish Highlands and Highlands Park.

The redevelopment of the Central Platte Valley in the late 1990s and early 2000s saw Highland's fortunes rise.  Highland became much more accessible to downtown with the construction of the Denver Millennium Bridge and Platte River Bridge in the Central Platte valley, along with the construction of the Highland Bridge over Interstate 25 in 2006.  Preservationists stepped in to save some of the city's most architecturally interesting areas within the Highland neighborhood, such as Potter-Highland Historic District and Stonemans' Row Historic District.  Proximity to downtown led to rapid growth of the area in recent years, while the area today is one of the more sought-after city-center neighborhoods.  Consequently, considerable redevelopment is occurring in Highland along with a noticeable rise in density, as high-end condominiums and lofts replace older structures and parking lots. However, Highland still offers a large stock of historic single family homes—now some of the closest historic single family construction to Denver's original town site on the South Platte River.