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The Whittier neighborhood is located approximately 2 miles northeast of downtown Denver, Whittier’s boundaries are 23rd Avenue to the south, Martin Luther King Boulevard (32nd) to the north, Downing St. to the west and York St. to the east.



The historic Whittier neighborhood is made up of mostly 20th century single-family homes along tree-lined streets and has easy access to downtown and the many amenities of City Park. The neighborhood was named for the school now located at Downing Street and 24th Avenue, but originally built along Marion Street. The school’s name honored the nineteenthcentury abolitionist poet, John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892). The developers of Whittier were among Denver’s earliest citizens. These pioneers played vigorous roles as leaders in agriculture, mining, railroading, education, manufacturing, retailing, and government during the formation of the city. The neighborhood was home to many of Denver’s finest craftsmen, who contributed to the architectural details of some of the community’s most significant structures. Their skills are evidenced in ornate details found on many of the homes. The area is home to a mix of older bungalows, Victorians and other architectural styles. Find more online at www.whittierneighborhood.org.