Here are the mortgage people that I recommend and trust. 

There are numerous types of lenders and lending options.  As a buyer, you should work with someone that can provide you the best options and service relative to your needs and situation.  The following lenders are individuals that I recommend and trust, they offers good rates, and they will definitely get the job done right.

I would recommend that you get a quote from each of them, plus anyone else that you trust.  (if you have a strong relationship with your bank, that might be a good option.)

I would recommend that you call one of them to get Pre-Approval asap. 


Direct Lender & Portfolio Loans:

Katie Mohr

Bank of America

(720) 450-3452


Direct Lenders:


Cameron Burl

Cherry Creek Megastar Lending, LLC

(720) 463-8335


Lisa Miles

Guild Mortgage Company

(720) 746-4067